The Group’s strategy is to be an international distributor of building materials and related activities. This strategy is based on building market leadership positions in national or regional markets through organic growth and acquisitions.

Implementing This Strategy Is Based on:

A Strong Financial Base

  • Maximising long term returns for shareholders supported by our three strategic financial pillars of revenue growth in new and existing markets, operating profit margin growth and optimising capital turn.

Excellence in Service

  • Being the first choice supplier to our customers.
  • Developing an innovative and efficient multi-specialist and multi-channel business.
  • Refining and developing the range of products and services offered.
  • Increasing multi-channel supply capabilities.
  • Being a focused supplier of construction materials to all segments of the industry.

Organic Growth and Acquisitions

  • Deploying mature acquisition and integration skills to complete transactions and realise synergies.
  • Increasing market coverage where the Group is currently under-represented.
  • Developing into new territories where opportunities exist to achieve good returns on capital invested, achieve leading market positions in national and regional markets and add value to familiar business models operating in unconsolidated markets.

A Supportive Organisational Structure and Management 

  • Operating a decentralised organisation structure that confers significant autonomy on local management teams within a tight Group accounting, risk management and control environment.
  • Maximising returns on capital employed from the existing branch network.
  • Employing high calibre management teams comprised of individuals that have a mix of:
    • Through-the-cycle Merchanting, DIY Retailing and Mortar Manufacturing experience;
    • Broadly based operational management experience; and
    • Expertise covering a range of management disciplines appropriate to the scale and diversity of individual Group businesses.
  • Utilising the Board and the Group Headquarters based in Ireland to implement the strategy of the Group:
    • To allocate capital for replacement and development projects using a rigorous approach to project evaluation;
    • To critically review business performance using key metrics that are applied across the Group;
    • To facilitate the transfer of best practice initiatives; and
    • To coordinate the realisation of Group synergy benefits including procurement gains.

Ethics and Integrity

  • Conducting business to a high standard of integrity for the benefit of all stakeholders and in a responsible way that involves a commitment to achieving the highest practical standards of health and safety for employees, customers and visitors to Group locations.