Making all of our trading locations healthy and safe environments for employees, customers and other visitors is of paramount importance to the Group.

We invest significant resources to ensure that we meet our moral, legal and business obligations.

We are committed to achieving the best practicable standard of health and safety for our employees, customers and visitors to our trading locations. We consider effective health and safety management to be integral to the success our businesses.

Managing and Investing in Health and Safety

Group Companies Invest Significant Resources in Health and Safety Management and Actively Work to Identify and Minimise Health and Safety Risks.

Our teams of specialist advisors ensure that Group companies have adequately assessed the risks arising from their operations and ensure that robust systems and procedures are in place to ensure the protection of colleagues, customers and visitors alike.

Management Leadership and Colleague Involvement

Effective management of health and safety is driven by our senior management teams, but relies upon the commitment and involvement of all our colleagues. Training programmes ensure that colleagues have the required knowledge and skills to enable them to work safely, whilst effective communication and involvement helps develop awareness and commitment to safe working.

Incident Reduction and Continual Improvement

The success of our safety management efforts is closely monitored through a range of audit and inspection programmes. Compliance with internal standards and legal requirements is measured and used to drive further improvement. Accidents and incidents are investigated thoroughly; ensuring we understand their causes and enabling corrective action to be taken.

Health and safety performance is measured and evaluated as part of the overall performance of each of our businesses.

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