While providing our customers with environmental and sustainable products, and information on how to use them is a core aim of Grafton Group plc our commitment to the environment does not stop there. We are also focused on waste management, carbon reduction, sustainable sourcing of timber and complying with all environmental legislation.

As a supplier of building materials and related products, Grafton strives to reduce the quantity of waste sent to landfill by implementing recycling measures across its businesses. The Group’s Irish businesses are members of Repak and the UK businesses are members of Biffpack.

The Group has also focused on operational efficiencies and reductions in energy usage through on-going energy audit programmes and the replacement of old appliances. The Group’s Irish merchanting business works closely with the Environmental Protection Agency to implement best practice solutions for the treatment and preservation of timber.

In the UK, Grafton has worked hard with its suppliers to improve the accuracy of data collection on recycling rates. As a consequence of improvements in waste management data collection, reported recycling rates reduced from 80 per cent to 77.1 per cent.