Health and safety

The Group’s vision for health and safety is to send our colleagues, customers and everyone we work with home safe and well at the end of each day.  We believe there is nothing we do across Grafton Group that is so urgent we cannot do it safely and this belief is central to our leadership of the health and safety agenda across all Group businesses. Safety leadership is most effective when it is integrated into routine business leadership behaviours, and we continue to develop this approach by integrating safety support teams directly into each Group business.

Our Group Health and Safety Policy sets out the key responsibilities for health and safety management and establishes the framework for each business to develop its own effective systems, policies and procedures. Local business management is responsible for driving the safety, health and environment agenda alongside their other business priorities. All colleagues are encouraged to raise any concerns about safety and to make suggestions to improve our safety performance. Health and safety expertise and support is now established within all Group businesses with each business Health & Safety Manager reporting through to their CEO or Managing Director alongside all the other senior business leaders and directors.

Our priority action areas remain traffic management; product storage/product handling in branch locations; and the safe, efficient delivery of products to customers sites.  Each business is committed to engaging its teams in these priority areas and to demonstrating their determination to reduce injuries to our colleagues, customers and third parties.  Below are some recent initiatives across the Group:

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