Our commitment to compliance requires, above all, that all colleagues and Directors respect and comply with the laws, rules and regulations in the countries where Grafton operates.

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics extends beyond just legal compliance.

The Code is consistent with our five core values and reflects Grafton’s responsibility as a market leader to uphold high standards of ethics and integrity.

We encourage anyone, whether working for Grafton or not, to speak up about misconduct, possible breaches of our Code of Conduct, or other company policies or procedures, and suspected violations of laws and regulations.

If you are working for Grafton, first consider talking to your manager, your manager’s manager, or your business’s CEO. If you can’t, or feel uncomfortable discussing the issue internally, you can use Grafton’s SpeakUp service. The telephone and internet reporting channels are managed independently of Grafton, a link to the service is here:


When reporting, please provide as much detail as possible. We encourage you to identify yourself and engage with the process to support Grafton’s investigation regarding your concern. Your privacy will be maintained in accordance with applicable data protection laws.