We recognise the increasingly significant role that effective management of the environment has to play in our business and we acknowledge our responsibilities in this field.

Carbon Footprint and Energy Reduction

CO2e emissions per £’m of revenue reduced from 32.4 tonnes in 2018 to 31.4 tonnes in 2019, based on continuing operations.

We have continued to invest in LED lighting across our businesses. Selco undertook an ambitious LED lighting refit programme during the year to refit the entire branch network with LED lighting, resulting in
significant reductions in emissions. More than half of the branches were refitted during 2019 with the remainder to be completed in 2020. Frontline Bathrooms have also carried out an LED lighting upgrade resulting in energy savings of 46 per cent.

40 per cent of the Group’s branches are accredited to the ISO 14001 environmental management standard. This accreditation is seen as vital in helping to focus on environmental risk management initiatives. Buildbase have formed an environmental working group to focus on reduction of their carbon footprint through energy campaigns, improved awareness raising amongst colleagues and improvements to lighting.

Fleet & Logistics

Ongoing renewal of the Group’s fleet has also contributed to reducing the Group’s carbon footprint. In 2019, the Group invested in 123 commercial vehicles that comply with the latest and most stringent
Euro 6 low emission standard.

Plug-in hybrid vehicles have been introduced for company cars and it is expected that the number of hybrid vehicles will increase over the coming years. Half of company cars ordered in 2019 were plug-in hybrid and standard hybrid cars.

Pollution and Waste

Grafton strives to reduce the quantity of waste sent to landfill by implementing recycling measures across its businesses.

The Group landfill diversion rate (a measure of the amount of waste that is diverted away from landfills) saw a further increase in 2019 to 84 per cent primarily as a result of ongoing work with Biffa to recover and recycle more of the waste generated by Group businesses in the UK.

Significant improvements were seen in landfill diversion rates in a number of businesses. Landfill diversion at Buildbase increased by 10 per cent while Selco saw a six per cent increase.

Timber Sourcing

The Group has implemented a Timber Sourcing Policy which sets out our commitment to the sourcing of sustainable timber products and to meeting international certification standards. Under this Policy, Grafton businesses that source timber products must produce an annual summary specifying either the certification (FSC and/or PEFC) or the chain of custody of the timber products sourced.

A number of Grafton Group businesses have FSC and/or PEFC certification in place which is specific to individual timber categories or timber types.

The Timber Group are active members of the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) and their compliance includes FORS Silver, FSC and PEFC Chain of Custody, ISO 9001 & 14001.

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