Investment Case

Why Invest in Grafton?

Strong local businesses with market leading positions

• In each market we operate in, we focus on developing trusted local brands with strong, defendable market positions.
• We focus on fragmented markets with long-term underlying growth fundamentals that enable us to build market leading positions through organic and inorganic development.

Long-term drivers of growth

We operate in markets with structural long-term growth potential:
• shortage of housing, pressure on rental markets and growing populations;
• need to improve the existing housing stock; and
• need to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency.

Operational strength and expertise

• Strong management teams with the relevant skills and experience to deliver our strategy;
• Track record of continuous improvement and organic development;
• Experience in acquiring and successfully integrating businesses in multiple geographies.

Strong financial base

• Financially robust with a strong balance sheet;
• Strong cash generation;
• Investment grade credit rating;
• Disciplined approach to capital allocation